Alpine Days

Established 1947

In the spring of 1947, Alpine Days began because there was a need–the rock church required shingles. Church leaders brainstormed ideas to raise funds and decided on an event with a bazaar, a miniature parade, meals, contests, games, and entertainment.

The celebration was named Ward Day. World War II had recently ended; commodities still scarce, but there was need and the town came together. An invitation to Ward Day, a Homecoming, was sent to former residents and friends. Successful it was, and so it continued for 28 years, sponsored by the church to fund church projects and programs. 

Grand Marshals

Alpine has come a long way from the dugouts of the first residents on Cemetery Hill. We treasure those pioneers who worked together and built this mountain community. We value those who carry on the tradition of working together, caring for each other, and seeing and filling needs.

The Alpine citizens we honor as Grand Marshals have given to our community again and again; people who regard each other as family and Alpine Days, still as homecoming. They are truly some of Alpine’s treasures.